If you ever need my full attention it only takes two words: Matchbox Twenty. So, the day that Fran with Friday After Five asked me if I'd like to meet Adam Gaynor, who was with Matchbox Twenty until 2005, I said, 'Absolutely'. That was in September, and now Fran and Adam have announced a new and exciting partnership.

Huge News for Owensboro, Kentucky

Amazing Day in Owensboro, KY. I just announced that I’m Co-Founding a Music Business Expo here in Owensboro, and I truly hope it changes ONE persons life to comprehend and take their dreams to the next level! Let’s go!!!

What is a Music Business Expo?

You've heard of business or hiring expos, this one will be geared toward aspiring artists and music industry professionals, who have spent years in one of the multiple areas of the music industry.

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Here's what Adam Gaynor has to say about the exciting project;

"It will be super informative for anyone looking to break into the Music Business, develop improved marketing skills to build their brand, or even have their music evaluated by accomplished industry professionals. In the ever-changing world of music, the expo will help increase their chances for overall success, while seriously enjoying the process. This is the real deal….and this is going to be a great deal of fun."

"What an amazing opportunity for artists, musicians, and even young entertainment lawyers to converge on the great city of Owensboro…. learn a lot, mingle, see new technology, and most importantly share all those "insider" secrets that no one helped "me" with back in the day." - A. Gaynor

Education and Creativity

Co-Founder Francine Marseille tells me that; "It will provide the tools and resources needed to succeed while providing an epic experience in a more intimate setting than events such as South by Southwest or NAMM."

Owensboro Music Business Expo
Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum
April 13-15, 2023
More Details Here

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