You could win a trip to see a game at any big league ball park in the country. So where would you go?

My answer may seem boring or predictable...but I would have to choose WRIGLEY FIELD. I am a life-long Cubs fan, and I've been to Wrigley twice in my life. I was a young teenager when we made our first trip to the friendly confines in 1990. I thought it was amazing and beautiful (of course). I was lucky enough to make it back to Wrigley in 1998. I will always remember getting goose bumps (and even a little emotional) as we saw the field. The images are ingrained in my memory - making our way up the dark, almost chilly ramp into the warm sunlight and seeing the most beautiful baseball field in the world. Maybe it's because I was older and could appreciate everything a little more. Maybe it reminded me of my youth, watching Cubs games with my dad. Maybe it's because a few months before this we lost our legendary play-by-play announcer Harry Carey. Whatever the reason, that was one of the most special sports moments in my life. I would love the opportunity to recreate a moment like that now that I have my own family.

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