Cave Country Canoes is a really cool little place to go for an outdoor canoeing adventure. I went with my husband and 8 of our friends and it was a blast!


They offer several different trip options such as half or full day or overnight trips. 

We had so much fun. There were places to set up on little beach areas and hang out for a bit. There were tons of families with kids and dogs. The canoes were really nice and the staff was helpful and friendly.


We arrived at what looked like an old country store. We pay, got our gear and took a bus  to the launch point. There were probably 60 people who launched at the same time on canoes and kayaks.


We chose the 7 mile trip. What was suppose to take "2-4" hours, took us 6 hours. My friends were clearly not in any hurry.


Check out Cave Country Canoes-- it was a great time!

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