It's a big day for the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC), as they welcome more students back for the first day of school. Actually, they're welcoming about half of the student body back today, the other half began last week. Students with last names that start with A-J will take off August 24-26, while the K-Z students attend. After that, it's game on and everyone will be back at it.

It is a momentous occasion that has required countless hours of meeting and planning, and working, and meeting some more, and changing plans, and re-working everything. You get the idea - it is no small task. And even with all of this planning, and all of the information that has been shared, there will be more changes, and there will be more questions.

One guy who has been answering a lot of questions over the past few months is Jason Woebkenberg, the Chief Communication Officer for the EVSC. We were able to pull him away for a minutes this morning to ask him about this new adventure. Jason reminds us about the precautions in place, what parents can do to help students through this, and where to direct any questions going forward. If you have a few minutes yourself, you really should listen to our conversation.

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