I must say that I held my breath while reading post after post on social media, that the Evansville Red Lobster had closed. The thought of never having cheddar bay biscuits (Without making them myself) again is tragic. But never fear, my fellow salmon lovers, Evansville's Red Lobster isn't going anywhere.

According to LoopNet.com, the building that creates our delicious biscuits is for sale. The Red Lobster business is included in the investment sale. For only $7,904,020 you could be the owner of this delicious restaurant. It's actually been on the market since February of 2019. Currently, Red Lobster has a lease until July of 2039.

Recently, Evansville has lost a few other restaurants including: Chili's, Wendy's, Old Chicago and Logan's Roadhouse. Although, according to the Old Chicago website and their social media, the company still says the closure is temporary. Same goes for both Evansville Logan's Roadhouse locations.

Other Evansville Businesses For Sale:

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