Target is set to change how we shop for the holidays. Gone are the days of 'Black Friday' and Thanksgiving Day only sales. Target is joining Walmart in closing for their employees on Thanksgiving, but they say the deals will actually begin in October.

Target released a sneak peek into their holiday plans, designed to keep stores from over-crowding and to eliminate holiday shopping stress. I can't tell you how many times that I've missed out on fabulous deals because they were only on Thanksgiving - After the big meal. A nice adult beverage usually goes along with my feast, so driving is out of the question.

I'm pretty sure we aren't going to miss lining up in the cold, so we can save on the latest Apple products or televisions. If Target wants to give me deals in store and online, beginning in October, I'll take it! This really means that I'll probably spend more than I would've, but that happens every time I go to Target. I'm a last minute kind of shopper, so as long as they are open the week before Christmas, I'm good.

Target also says they will offer more items that can be purchased for Drive UpOrder Pickup and Same-day Delivery with Shipt. I thought you could order anything and just pick it up curbside, but I could only find grocery and household items. The adapter in electronics that I needed was not available for that, so maybe they will add more things like that in the future.

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