2022 marks a pretty special occasion for the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra (EPO) - this year is its 88th anniversary. What's so special about that? I mean, it's not 50, 75, 90, or 100 years - so why is 88 so special? Well, 88 just happens to be the same number of keys on a piano, and I dare say there would be no orchestra (or at least any music to play) without the piano.

Vive la Musique

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Part of the EPO's celebration is the gala event they host each year as a way to kick off a new season of music at the Victory Theatre - this year's gala is called Vive la Musique: Celebrating 88 Glorious Years. The party is happening on Saturday, August 27, 2022, inside the Walnut Room at Bally's Executive Conference Center, and will include champagne, hors d'oeuvres, dinner, and dancing.

Sounds Like Fun, Don't It?

Here's the rub, though - the gala is actually sold out, which is a good problem for the EPO, but it's not so good for those who want to show their support by buying tickets. Don't worry, the EPO has those people taken care of.

Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra
Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra via Facebook

Don't Be Bitter - Be a Bidder

If you would like to help celebrate the 88th anniversary of the EPO and support them with a donation, you can do so during a special online auction happening now. The auction includes (wait for it) 88 amazing items, ranging in value from $25 all the way to $5,000! Some of the more notable auction items include...

  • Dinner with EPO Music Director Roger Kalia
  • A week-long vacation in Maui
  • A stay at Diamond Resorts in Orlando
  • Lunch with Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke
  • An exclusive, private performance from the Eykamp String Quartet
  • Plus dozens of gift baskets, gift cards, and gift certificates.

Follow this link to see all of the auction items (and to bid on them, of course), or do make a donation to the EPO.

Opening night of the EPO's 88th season is scheduled for Saturday, September 24th at the Victory Theatre. See the rest of the season lineup HERE.

See How Downtown Evansville Has Changed Over the Years

I find looking back on the way things used to be fascinating. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I'm living through the current time period. The conveniences of answering any question we have in seconds, or ordering practically anything we want or need and having it delivered to our doorstep is pretty sweet. But, there is something fun about seeing how things around us have evolved. As an Evansville native, and spending quite a bit of my time in downtown Evansville (that's where the station is located), I've always appreciated the older architecture of the buildings around the area. So, I dug into the Willard Library Archives to see how a few of those areas look now compared to then. Some have changed a little, others quite a bit, and a few don't even exist any more. Take a look.

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