Electric scooters are here to get you around Downtown Evansville and some are available on West Franklin Street.  

It’s just another way to get you from point A to point B.  To rent one, you must use a smartphone app called GOAT.  In fact, there’s 24 scooters that are available by a local entrepreneur according to Ellen Horan, director of Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville.

A second business also is interested in bringing scooters here via a different company.

Right now, there isn’t an ordinance regulating the use of electric scooters in Evansville, but, will likely appear on the agenda by the end of this year with the Evansville City Council.

It will explain licensing fees, insurance requirements and other rules, such as where scooters are allowed and where they are not....Evansville officials are drafting a scooter ordinance by using benchmark data from other cities.

Currently, there are six Evansville spots where the scooters are available.

To learn more about electric scooters in Evansville, click HERE.

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