Stephanie Terry has already made history by becoming the first woman and the first African American to be the Mayor of Evansville, Indiana. During her State of the City Address, Mayor Terry mentioned two words that nearly everyone has an opinion about.

Mesker Amphitheatre

Simply mentioning Mesker Amphitheatre grabs the attention of so many of us who loved going to outdoor concerts every summer. Evansville's Mayor Stephanie Terry delivered her State of the City Address, giving an overview of what her team has accomplished in the first 100 days in office, and what we can continue to expect for the city.


Mayor Terry acknowledged that Evansville doesn't exactly have a good history of maintaining outdoor spaces. The nail-on-the-head example is Mesker Amphitheatre. The city of Evansville has looked into revitalising the historic concert venue for years, but the cost is just not feasible. Now, if a private developer showed interest, that could make some of our concert dreams come true. This would be a pretty cool history-making moment to add to her accomplishments.

Photo: google maps canva mesker
Photo: google maps canva mesker

So, you're saying there's a chance...?

Well … We are in the early stages of a conversation with a private developer, discussing the feasibility and extent of what could be done to revitalize Mesker Amphitheatre. I know for many, this is a crown jewel of Evansville, and while I don’t want to over-promise, I’m cautiously … and I do mean cautiously … optimistic that we will have news in the coming months.

I did look up the definition of cautiously optimistic, just to be clear that yes, there is a chance that someone could swoop in and save Mesker, but there is also the chance that it might not work.

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