The hard seltzer market is exploding. It seems like everytime I browse the beer isle, there is a new brand or variety. At a recent trip to Meijer in Evansville, the price tag of a new hard seltzer caught my eye.

Beaches Hard Seltzer has real fruit in it, no sugar, only 95 calories, 4 grams of carbs and it's gluten free. But is it worth $999? I'm guessing that it's not, but that is clearly what the price tag says.

Photo: Liberty
Photo: Liberty

That's $83.25 per can! Obviously, this is a misprint, but has anyone else noticed this crazy price? I know that if an item rings up the wrong price, I point it out, and make sure the item is adjusted. However, I must say that if this hard seltzer rings up $12.99 instead of $999, I will not ask for a price adjustment!

I'll probably buy a pack this week, just to see if it really rings up $999. Plus, since my husband can only have gluten free drinks, he will want to try it.

My husband has Celiac, and so that means he can't have anything that contains: Wheat, barley, malt, rye, brewers yeast, spelt, and some other grains that come from wheat.

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