I'll be honest, if I could use valet parking everywhere, I would. I mean, I do freak out a little bit at the thought of a stranger driving my baby away, but at least it will be brought back to me. When I saw this post from Evansville Watch about a man who said his truck was stolen, I immediately thought...Man, this is such a LIBERTY thing to do!

BOL/ Stolen Vehicle In Progress- 2800 N St Joe, Rural King. Owner of the truck was inside the store and states their truck was gone when he came back out. Vehicle is a 1996 extended cab, two door GMC truck, with handicap plates and a bug shield on the front. No direction of travel. Keys were not left in the vehicle.
-Caller drove a different vehicle to the store and forgot what vehicle they arrived in. This truck was NOT stolen. 
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Parking is not one of my strengths. If you have ever been in the car with me driving, I know that you are laughing. Not only do I struggle to keep it between the lines, I frequently forget where I've parked. And yes, there have been times when I've driven my husband's car and felt totally lost in the parking lot. We do have similar cars, just different colors, so you can see how I could easily get confused.

Photo: D. DeWig
Photo: D. DeWig

I'm not the only one:

Janice Beck Decker "Did the very same thing one time. Thought I drove my car but drove my husband's.It was pouring rain and years before cell phones and key fob clickers."

Jen Crowe "One time at a gas station on a road trip I went in to get drinks and came back out, started to get in what I thought was our black SUV lol totally someone else’s vehicle, thank goodness they weren’t around it but they left it unlocked! I was halfway in their car and I hear my husband yelling at me “wrong car babe wrong car!!” I was soooo embarrassed."

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