If you follow EvansvilleWatch on Facebook, you know that some of the calls our local police officers respond to are a little out there. Recently, a call came in to dispatch that was weird enough to get the attention of the Southern Indiana Ghostbusters.

A police dispatcher working at console

Hello, 911 What is Your Emergency?

As a former 911 dispatcher, I know that some really weird calls come in, but no matter what it is, you still have to send the appropriate help. I can only imagine what the call taker was thinking when this one came in.

"Caller states there’s a human hand sticking out of the ground at a gravesite. Caller is not sure if the hand is fake or not."


The time of this call only adds to the weirdness - It was just before 5 pm, and still light outside. It appears that the call was unfounded, or the hand went back into its grave. Either way, the comments on social media are gold.


Who Else You Gonna Call?

Southern Indiana GhostbustersWe've also been notified and will be taking PKE readings to ensure that it's nothing paranormal about the scene.

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Those Were The Days

Jeanne ElizabethOne of my favorite sports as a kid… my neighbor worked for JC Penney and always had a surplus of mannequin parts for some reason. There was not a cemetery nor a back alley near my house that didn’t have a lady’s hand sticking up. I had the greatest childhood ever.

Afterlife Pranks

Kasey VanBurenIf this is a prank, and to all the teenagers out there… when I pass, I give FULL PERMISSION to utilize my gravesite for such things… FULL PERMISSION!! No restrictions…whatever creative dark ideas you’ve got… I appreciate that kind of humor… just take pictures!


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