Last month I wrote an article about my brilliant Shark Tank idea for a spot like River Kitty Cafe, but for dogs, and instead of just coffee drinks, it served beer. Ask and you shall receive.


Some of the Name Ideas I had

I really did put some thought into this pawsome idea. The possibilities are endless when it comes to naming a cool place like this.


I Was Picturing Something Like This

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Bundo Kim
Bundo Kim

How Does 'Unleashed' Sound For a Dog Bar & Cafe'?

Okay, now that is a clever name, and it is not just a name, it is an actual dog bar & cafe' coming to Evansville. According to their website, Unleashed will include a full coffee bar, and a full alcohol bar, too. There is no mention of any food items that will be available or if there will be any adoptable dogs on-site. I have reached out to the owner for more information, and I'll pass that along when I get it.

More About Unleashed Evansville

Established in 2022, Unleashed will be Evansville’s premiere destination for furry four-legged friends—and their human companions! Centrally located, we will offer a safe, fun, and relaxed atmosphere that allows you and your dog to socialize indoors and out. From a full schedule of events to the carefully curated list of the day- and night-time drinks, our incredible staff proudly crafts a unique experience for each of our guests—regardless of species. Whether you stop by for a morning latté or an evening nightcap, we’ll be there ready to bark up a conversation!

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