It's been an Evansville staple for ninety-six years, and now you can bid on a piece of the legendary Wolf's Bar-B-Q .

Retail Sale Pending

Wolf's Bar-B-Q has been serving Evansville for a very long time. 2023 is actually the restaurant's 96th year in business. Wolf's has been listed for sale since 2019, and I know we are all hoping that Wolf's stays open, even with a new owner.

Photo by: Kyle Bernhardt F.C. Tucker Commercial
Photo by: Kyle Bernhardt F.C. Tucker Commercial

According to our friends at Fingers, Fork, Knife & Spoon Evansville and Evansville 411 NEWS the property is now under contract, and will soon have new owners. In the social media post below, there is a link to an online auction featuring items from Wolf's Bar-B-Q, including the outdoor sign.

Could This Be a Sign?

We still do not know who is purchasing Wolf's, but we do know that the online auction with Ralph Smith Auction Realty LLC includes the giant outdoor sign. Obviously, whatever they plan to do with the building, it will not keep the Wolf's branding.

Photo by: Ralph Smith Auction Realty LLC
Photo by: Ralph Smith Auction Realty LLC

What Would You Do with This Giant Sign?

I'm not sure how much each letter weighs, but I can tell you that they are stainless steel and three feet tall. Also, the winning bidder will need to bring tools and a truck to pick it up. There is some bidding action, so someone will end up with a pretty unique piece of Evansville restaurant history.

Photo by: Ralph Smith Auction Realty LLC
Photo by: Ralph Smith Auction Realty LLC

F.C. Tucker Commercial Listing - Retail: Mixed Use PENDING

Real Estate Only. This site could be a great location for an events center with a full kitchen or catering kitchen. The property could be purchased and split up to allow for multiple businesses under the same roof
Kyle Bernhardt F.C. Tucker Commercial
Kyle Bernhardt
F.C. Tucker Commercial

For now, it is business as usual at Wolf's according to their Facebook page. The good news is that they won't turn it into a Dollar General store because there is already one next to it!

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