If I had a dollar for everytime I've said that you should always 'Adopt not shop' when it comes to adopting a pet, I could probably pay adoption fees for hundreds of dogs. It's very important to pair the right dog with the best human family. That can be challenging with dogs that have been abused.

Gemma's Journey

Sweet Gemma found herself at It Takes a Village nearly four years ago. She was used for breeding and had just had a litter of puppies at eight years of age. It was quite evident that Gemma did not know how to receive love from humans.

Gemma spent some time with two different families, but they weren't the perfect match. She had suffered a lot of trauma in her past and had anxiety and some health issues.

The Third Time is a Charm

Our friends at It Takes a Village have given Gemma the nickname 'Princesses'. Their sweet Princess Gemma is now in her forever home! It did take 1,430 days, which equals four years.

It Takes a Village Message for Gemma

Our Princess Gemma… where do we start?
1430 days ago you pulled up to the rescue center in the back of a Hopkins County animal control truck, giving birth at the age of 8 years old as you clearly had many times before.
We set up a quiet room just for you and your babies. You sat facing the corner of that room for days. You took great care of your little family but when we came into the room to make sure you had what you needed. You went straight for the corner, terrified of everyone who tried to show you love.
Finally after a few months, you took a treat from our hand, not just any treat though, the expensive brand. No beggin strips for our princess!
During your time with us you were adopted twice, but they just did not work out. Many people came to meet you. Everyone wanted you; who wouldn’t? In our eyes you’re perfect, but you do have many quirks due to your sad background.
You’ve had health issues including heartworms and a stroke, not to mention severe anxiety.
On Saturday January 8, 2022- 1430 days after you arrived at our rescue center and one month shy of being OUR princess for 4 years, you are finally a princess in YOUR OWN home!
Happy adoption day, Gemma!
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