If you've been following Amanda, owner of Simply Savvy Photography's page, you have probably noticed some different types of photoshoots. The model's name is Madison, and she looks amazing in every one of her photoshoots. She's basically Amanda's soulmate when it comes to bringing her creative ideas to life.


Really good photographers know the best spots for photo sessions and always have more ideas in the back of their heads. Amanda has been trying out some of these new creative scenes with Madison, and each one is just as amazing as the next. You would probably never recognize most of the backdrops as places here in the Tri-State.

Take Me To Church

The latest set of photos to catch my eye were taken near a cute little church. This church just happens to be a part of Camp Reveal with our friends at the Evansville Rescue Mission.

Evansville, Indiana Church Makes Perfect Backdrop For Hauntingly Beautiful Photoshoot

The latest set of photos from Simply Savvy photography might look familiar to you. They were taken near a cute little church. This church is part of Camp Reveal with our friends at the Evansville Rescue Mission.

Watch the Photoshoot in Action

Wedding Package at Camp Reveal - Evansville Rescue Mission $1,250

  • 2 day Chapel rental
  • 2-day Dining Hall Rental
  • Table and Chair Set up

One Day Chapel Rental at Camp Reveal - Evansville Rescue Mission $400

**Please keep in mind that Camp Reveal is an alcohol-free campground.Alcohol is prohibited in any of Camp Reveal’s facilities and on Camp property.

** If you have any questions or would like more information on Camp Reveal’s rental options or availability, do not hesitate to contact Kennan Barnett at 812.421.3805 or at camp.reveal@ermstaff.org.

Best Friends Recreate 90's Throwback Memories with Retro Photoshoot at Evansville's Washington Square Mall

Simply Savvy Photography recreated everyone's favorite 90's mall memories in a retro photoshoot featuring Tay and Ashlyn. They brought the fun back to present-day Washington Square Mall.

Take a Look Inside Indiana Monastery Converted Into Incredible Mansion

The Indianapolis mansion was posted on the Facebook group, Zillow Gone Wild. Here are some of the awesome photos of the property and the, both, informative and funny comments from the post comments.

Check Out This Unique Dive Motel In Nashville

If you're a frequent visitor of Nashville, Tennesse, I found an awesome and unique place that you might want to stay at the next time you're in town. 

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