Salvage Candy in Evansville is located at 3500 S. Weinbach in Evansville.  Due to their location off the beaten path, it seems to be a popular spot for people to dump their animals. This isn't the first dog the folks at Salvage Candy has found and helped out.  They posted security camera footage (which you can see below) of a truck that looks to be a Ford maybe F-150 with a bed cover on it, you see the owner get out and take their dog out, then drive away.

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The dog was very scared, and overnight the dog stayed in that spot waiting for her owners to come back. Thankfully the caring people at Salvage Candy were able to get her safely with them, feed her, and contact a rescue. It Takes a Village no-Kill Rescue now has the dog and she will absolutely be onto a much better life. If you are interested in fostering this sweet girl who has been named, Candy (no doubt after the place that saved her) she is available to go to foster care now. You can fill out a foster application, here. 

I don't understand how anyone could do this to an animal, especially when we have local rescues, and shelters to help out. In fact if for some reason you cannot care for your pet anymore, you can take them to Animal Control.  They will be safe, not in a place where they can get attacked by other animals or hit by cars. Also our local animal control is really great about working with local rescues to get animals pulled to rescues.  There's really zero excuse for dumping an animal in this manner.   I'm so glad this sweet girl was found by caring citizens, and will be safe and taken care of.

This girl was dumped out of a truck at Salvage Candy last night. She stayed in that spot waiting for her family to...

Posted by It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue on Tuesday, April 20, 2021

In fact dumping an animal in this manner is illegal in the state of Indiana. If you happen to know who this person is, you can report them to the Evansville Police by calling (812)435-6194.

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