Mickey's Kingdom had it's grand opening this weekend. It's a playground that includes attractions for kids with disabilities. The Liberty Swing is one of only 5 in the country and is exclusively for children in wheelchairs.

Here is a statement from Chief Billy Bolin regarding the Liberty Swing.

***Informational Post, Please Share***

This swing at Mickey's Kingdom and the area it is in is only for people with special needs. I've seen a lot of people the past couple of days who want to see what it is like and that is understandable. It doesn't do anything the other swings can't do though, it's just big enough to accommodate a wheelchair. It was very expensive and it's also very heavy, meaning it can hurt someone who goes in front of or behind it. Please help us to friendly remind others that this Swing is only for those with special needs. Thanks.

Evansville Police Chief, Billy Bolin

Billy Bolin, EPD Police Chief