So far, every episode of This or That has been initiated by me and Liberty - before we do a regularly scheduled interview with someone we'll ask "hey, do you mind playing this silly little game with us?" They agree and off we go. Until today. This was the first time that someone has sought us out just so they could play This or That. That fact alone had me and Lib feeling some pressure, and then knowing who our guest is, we felt even more pressure. For the first time in the history of This or That, Liberty and I were actually kind of nervous!

The person who had us sweating (more than usual) is nonother than our boss, LaDonne Craig. LaDonne is the Market Manager for Townsquare Media in Evansville and Owensboro. I'm sure she would say it's ridiculous that Lib and I got nervous when it came time to play with her, and she certainly didn't intentionally do anything to make us nervous. I guess Liberty and I are nervous creatures by nature.

All nerves and fears aside, once we started playing we had a blast. We asked LaDonne about vacation activities (or lack thereof) and movie preferences, just to ease into things before we hit her with a couple of really tough questions. She's a big fan of both Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber, but which one did she choose. She also loves Evansville Police Department Assistant Chief Phil Smith (as we all do) and new stud muffin Rege'-ean Page, but could she choose between the two? We even hit LaDonne with a surprise, bonus sixth question - we normally only ask five.

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And in a This or That first, LaDonne flipped the script and put me and Liberty in the hot with a couple of her own This or That questions that WE had to answer. No fair!

*Before you listen, let me admit that I now realize I said Rege'-Jean's name wrong. I called him Rege'-Jean Paul, instead of Rege'-Jean Page. My bad. Don't Judge. Carry on.

This or That with LaDonne Craig

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