I love all things Disney, well almost everything. My family and I visited the Orlando parks in July, and there was one attraction that we could've skipped.

The look on my face says it all

We had just finished Toy Story Mania (I beat the boys scores) and I saw a meet & greet for Star Lord and Groot from  Guardians of the Galaxy. The wait was only 30 minutes, so I figured that it would be worth it. This was the most awkward character appearance I've ever been to!

Look at us...Trying to be interested

I didn't realize that we were meeting "Baby Groot", so it was this little character on a table. "Starlord" was basically a generic Chris Pratt! He did a good job staying in character, but it was super cheesy! After that, I was no longer in charge of our itinerary at Disney.

Who's more excited, me or Fake Chris Pratt?

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