It was a wild weekend in the equestrian world! First, we had the runaway racehorse from Ellis Park. Later that same day, a white horse went for a gallop down the road in Warrick county. That leads us to the big question: Do horses have Extra Sensory Perception aka E.S.P.? Can animals actually sense the future?

Where are you going?

It’s not everyday you get to chase down a loose horse…
The horse was safely returned to his owner and no vehicles were damaged. The Warrick County Sheriff’s Office was a big help in this apprehension too.

I really do believe that animals have a sixth sense or some way of knowing things that we humans just don't. Snakes pop out of the ground when they feel an earthquake coming on. I actually never want to see that happen! If you want to read up on the real scientific information go right ahead.

My personal non-scientific research concludes that Bold and Bossy sensed that something was not quite right in her barn. That could be why she made a run for it. The poor filly did get injured in the barn fire. Here is an update on her condition:

It is a fact that horses have an elevated sense of sight, sound, touch, and smell.

No Need to Yell

Horses have super hearing, so they will respond to quiet commands.

What is that Smell?

Horses have better sniffers than we do, but not quite as good as a dog.

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Super Sensitive Touch

Imagine this, horses' entire bodies are as sensitive as our fingertips. They can feel a single fly land on them. That sounds awful, considering flies are everywhere!

Are You Looking at Me?

Imagine you could see different things in each eye. That is what a horse sees. The thought of that makes me kind of dizzy. Horses can see the same thing in both eyes when they look straight ahead. It's like they have built-in bifocals!

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