I loved being in Girl Scouts when I was younger.  My mom was my Brownie leader and I remember doing all kinds of fun stuff, crafts, and going on a local TV show. They chose me to be part of a game on this show called, The Uncle Orrie Show.  

The game I got to play was similar to “Simple Simon Says” only it was called Ferdie Fussbudget Says. After a few minutes of playing, I was left standing with two other girls in a tie!  Yay!  I can’t remember what I won, but, I was so excited to be on TV with all my friends from my Brownie troop.

Pictured here are two local Brownie Troop’s that appeared on the Uncle Orrie & Ferdie Fussbudget Show out of Dayton, Ohio.   I bet you can’t guess where I am!  lol.

Brownie Troop ; Credit by Deb Turner
Brownie Troop ; Credit by Deb Turner

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