Super Bowl LII (52) will be played in Minneapolis, Minnesota in just 2 weeks on Sunday, February 4th.  Since my favorite team (Colts) and Mike’s KC Chiefs aren’t gonna be playing, we both agreed on a matchup for the Super Bowl:  

  •  The Philadelphia Eagles and The Jacksonville Jaguars

Look for Pink to sing the National Anthem and Justin Timberlake will perform during the halftime show.

Did you know:   A 30 second commercial will cost around $5 million during this year’s game.  And, if you plan to attend this year’s Super Bowl game, a ticket will cost you over $4,000 according to  Honestly, who can afford going to the Big Game?

Today’s AFC Championship game will be between the The New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars on CBS at 2pm. The  Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings will play in the NFC Championship game at 5:30pm on FOX.

Here’s a pic of Mike and I during our tour of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio,  checking out the room with all the Hall of Famers from 1963 - 2017.

Pro Football Hall of Fame; credit by Deb Turner
Pro Football Hall of Fame; credit by Deb Turner


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