While in England just 6 months ago for my son's wedding, I had a chance to visit the Windsor Castle and St. George's Chapel where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will marry this Saturday.  

If you ever get a chance to visit England, you must visit this castle and chapel!  It takes forever to get through it, but, well worth it.  We were told that if the flag was flying above the castle that meant the Queen was there.  And she was!  Unfortunately, we didn't get to see her.  But, we did see the changing of the guards, the majestic castle, and the beautiful St. George's Chapel nearby.

Windsor Castle is located just outside of London in Berkshire. It was built in the 11th century and is the oldest and largest castle in the world. There's so much beauty and history to see at the castle and the chapel.

Unfortunately, the public is not allowed to take pictures or video inside the castle or chapel. The castle is heavily guarded, too. However, below you'll see I've provided some video inside the chapel (NBC), the changing of the guards, and more.

Here's some pics of the outside of Windsor Castle and St. George's Chapel; a pub outside the Castle and my son Eric's wedding pics! (He married a beautiful young lady from Nottingham.    [slideshow]

Here's some videos taken at Windsor Castle and my son's Wedding in England.

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