There has been quite a bit of discussion this year about how the MLB all-star teams should be selected. We want to know which players YOU think should attend the 86th annual midsummer classic on July 14th.

The current system allows fans to vote to determine the starting lineups for both leagues. While I admit that I did this a lot growing up, I have to say that I'm not crazy about this system now. The remaining players (starting pitchers and reserves) are selected by players and managers.

Considering the MLB all-star game is actually worth something (the World Series home team is determined by the winning league), I think the teams should be made up of the best players in the league. I also don't subscribe to the notion that each team has to have at least one representative. Seems like a pity party to me. Sorry if you're not good enough to make the team. Don't take up someone else's spot that might deserve to be there. Try again next season.

What do you think? Is the system fine the way it is? Should it be tweaked to reflect who the 'real' all-stars are?

We want you to fill out the form below and select your own NL and AL all-star team. Now sure, you could go ahead and be a big 'ol homer and just pick players from your team. I'd really like to see who you think are the best nine players from each league. And just to bride you a little bit...if you complete this form, you'll be qualified to win a 4-pack of tickets to an Evansville Otters home game and a special peeler card from Papa John's Pizza ($100 value).

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