People love to vote for things online, especially if it's a chance to show some support for local businesses. I don't know about you, but I like being about to brag about things like that. Right now Hoosiers are being asked to cast votes in a state-wide tournament being put on by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce - the brand new Coolest Thing Made in Indiana tournament.

What is the Coolest Thing Made in Indiana Tournament?

As the name suggests, this tournament is meant to recognize manufacturers in Indiana - companies that literally 'make' stuff. Nominated businesses have been matched up in a bracket-style tournament, with your votes determining who moves on to the next round. The field for this inaugural tourney started with 65 companies from 35 Indiana counties.

How/Where/When to Vote

I'll be honest, I'm just not learning about this tournament and, unfortunately, round one has already happened. That's all, though, there is still plenty of time to vote and plenty of businesses to vote for, especially here in southern Indiana. I'm excited to say that there are still a few southern Indiana manufacturers in the running - Anchor Industries (Evansville), Kaiser Aluminum Warrick (Newburgh), and Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana (Princeton). Voting is online, it is free and open to everyone. Voting for round 2 wraps up on Sunday, January 23rd. Round 3 is the week of January 24th, and Round 4 is the week of January 31st. The semi-finals and finals will follow on February 7-14. The tournament champ will be announced on February 15th.

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Here's a fun fact I just learned while trying to vote for those three businesses from our area - you can't just pick and choose certain matchups to vote for, you have cast a vote for each matchup in the round. Now that you know that, get to voting!

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