We received a bunch of great entries into this contest...a lot of people saying really sweet things about their mama. Here are the five winners and why their moms are so awesome.

These folks (or should I say their moms) have won a gift certificate from ZEIDLER'S and some yummy grub from GRANDY'S. Congratulations again...and happy Mother's Day to all of our wonderful moms!

Jessica Minor

My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer right before Christmas. She has had the most positive attitude throughout all her chemo and radiation treatments and hasn't let cancer get in the way of her living life. My son started t-ball this year and she hasn't missed a game. She is definitely a family first kinda lady.

Virginia McGinnis

My grandmother is like a mother to me because she practically raised me. Shes been there for every event of mine and she is always helping others. She does things for others rather than herself, and I believe she deserves to win.

Crystal Gibson

Because my mom takes care of others before herself, especially her kids and grandkids. She gives her food away to other children and families before she eats. Gives the clothes off her back to anyone who needs it. She now lives in a nursing home and this would be a perfect gift for her for Mother's Day. Thank you guys so much!

Ashley Arnett

My mom is my best friend. I know I can call her to talk whenever I want to, and I know she will always be willing to help me in anyway she can. My father passed away when I was a teenager. My mom raised my brother and me as a single parent for a lot of years. Now I am an adult with three kids of my own. I work full-time, and while I am at work I know my kids are in the best hands they could be. My mom has watched all three of my boys while I am at work full-time since they were born. My children are five, three and two and can be a handful.

Emily Eversole

My mom, April Skinner, is the world's best mom because of all the sacrifices she's made for my sister and me. When we were younger, my mom got us out of a bad situation, and ever since then she has worked her butt off to provide for us as a single mom. She was a full-time mom, with a full-time job, and a full-time nursing student at Vinncenes University. Today she has her BSN and is an RN who works in four group homes. My sister and I owe everything to our mother. The month of May is all about my mom as well because her birthday was on the 3rd, she's a nurse and nurses week is this month, and then of course there's mothers day.


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