I didn't expect to cry during one of my favorite sitcoms, but that happened last night. Usually, my television cry time is saved up and used during each season of This is Us.

Honestly, at this point anything could make me cry. But, last night's new episode of black-ish told the story of what we have been going through in such a great way. I just feel so bad for the doctors and nurses that are doing the best they can with each patient. (Bow is a doctor, if you aren't familiar with the show) With no family allowed to see COVID-19 patients in the hospital, these front-line heroes are literally the ones with the patients that die. It's a really well-written show, go watch the episode when you can.

On Saturday, October 10, at 3:00A.M. my mother in law died from COVID-19. If you read my last article about this, you know that a nurse allowed us to Facetime with her to say goodbye. I don't wish that on anyone. Unfortunately, if we don't start doing our part to stop this deadly virus, more loved ones will die alone, after the amazing hospital staff have done everything they can.

A lot of the community knew my mother in law as Mrs. DeWig. She was a teacher with the EVSC for her entire career. Her students were truly an extension of her family. We would always see one of her kids, no matter where we were in Evansville. I wanted to share some of the kind words that people had to say about her. If you have any stories you'd like to share with the family please email me Liberty@my1053wjlt.com

Special thanks to the staff at Browning Funeral Home.

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