Okay, so maybe I'm not a pro, but I definitely know more about parkour and free running. And most importantly, I didn't pull a muscle or break anything. Thanks to coach Nick and coach Luke for showing me the proper techniques and keeping me alive.

I'll be honest, I was a little nervous going into our parkour lesson. Don't get me wrong, I'm a decently athletic guy, or at least I used to be, but I'm getting older and I'm really out of shape. So the threat of hurting myself is/was real. There's a reason why I'm wearing a shirt that says "Pulled Hammies." The last time I played on a softball team, I did in fact pull my hamstring. I think it's still out near shortstop on the Westside Nut Club field.

So while I may not be as in shape or athletic as many other 41 year-old men, I most definitely am more in shape and more athletic than my radio peers. Ha! In the video below I spare you the agony of watching those goofballs from our sister stations. Instead, you get to watch your favorite, hairy, My Morning Show co-host.

Prepare to be blown away!!!

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