When you spend four hours a day with someone in a small room, you get to know them pretty well. But how well do we REALLY know each other? Can I tell if Stacey is lying to me? Let's see if you can pick out our lies.

So here's a fun game called Two Truths and One Lie. The name says it all. We will both make three statements, one of which will be a lie. Then we'll try to figure out each other's lie and we'll ask you to do the same.

Bobby's Truths and Lie

  • I once pitched a no-hitter back in high school
  • I once sang the National Anthem before a professional hockey game
  • I once met and interviewed 90s comedy icon Pauly "The Weasel" Shore

Stacey's Truths and Lie

  • I have 4 tattoos (small heart, bird, flowers, and my grandmother's writing of "serenity")
  • I once went across the country to meet a guy I only spoken to on the phone a handful of times.
  • I am really good at herding cattle...and I mean actual cows, not just my four children

So can you pick which one of our statements is a lie?

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