So my morning show co-host, Stacey Godbold, had the brilliant idea for us to go try out cryotherapy at Evansville Cryo. In case you didn't know, cryo is a prefix that means cold...more specifically extreme cold. Yay!

Cryotherapy is becoming more and more popular, especially among professional athletes. It's faster, easier and less painful than the traditional ice bath that athletes would take to ease pain. And now it's available to everyone!

Simply put, you strip down to your undies, you get in a box and you get sprayed with nitrogen gas for three minutes. And lemme tell's friggin' cold! It wasn't as bad as Stacey and I expected. And we both agreed that we would do it again. See for yourself how it went below.

Big shout out to Shannon and his wife for letting us try it out, and for letting Stacey yell at them! Evansville Cryo is located at 3000 N. Green River Rd. Give them a call at (812)401-0068.

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