You're gonna have to look pretty hard to find a better guy than Bert Wheat. If that names sounds familiar, that's because you heard us talking about him recently after he donated over $20,000 to more than a dozen local charities.

Bert is the owner of the Diamond Galleria and a larger than life personality. If he is not attending a charity event, or participating in one, you might find him helping out in more behind-the-scenes ways. He might donate the use of his store to a non-profit organization, or more recently he provided the necessary website for Chemo Buddies to use for a big online auction. Simply put, he's a great guy, and it's hard to spend time with him and NOT like him.

We had the chance, recently, to steal Bert away for a few minutes so we could play a round of This or That. We had no doubt we would have fun with him, and we absolutely did. It's interesting, some people really have to think about their answers - we hear 'hmmmm' and 'oooh, that's a tough one' a lot - but not Bert. He was on it, giving us his answers almost as soon as the words came out of our mouths. The man knows what he likes, that's for sure.

Take a listen to our conversation with Bert, and please consider the Diamond Galleria the next time you're looking to buy jewelry - it's one of our best local businesses.

Bert Wheat - This or That

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