In addition to having a really, really delicious product, AZZIP PIZZA also has a really neat story. Local guy goes to college...wins a contest (and startup money) with his idea for a pizza shop...opens said pizza shop...has a ton of success and opens several other locations. Awesome!

The Azzip Pizza empire is expanding to northern Indiana with plans to open a new location in Lafayette in early 2018! This will be the 8th location for the family-owned pizza shop. You can find Azzip on the west side of Evansville (the original), the east side of Evansville, Newburgh, Terre Haute and Bloomington in Indiana. There are also locations in Champaign, IL and Bowling Green, KY.

I can't imagine there is anybody left in the Tri-State who hasn't tried Azzip yet, but if that's the case, you need to get your booty (and belly) into a location TODAY! It's great grub, great people and service, and a great locally owned and operated business that is doing things the right way.

I found this video from February of 2014 when Azzip opened their first location (on Pearl Drive). We ran in to Azzip creator and owner, Brad Niemeier, and he shared the story of how Azzip came to be.

Azzip is also dedicated to being an active partner in the community through their “We Give A’Zip” Programs.  Learn more at or by calling (812)402-0606.

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