Imagine this: You're at Grandma Gracy's house for Thanksgiving dinner (because let's be real, Grandma's is ALWAYS the best). Everything's going great, until... disaster strikes! The unthinkable happens - they RUN OUT OF GRAVY! That's where YOU come in. The fate of Thanksgiving dinner rests on your shoulders.


Allow Me to Spill the Gravy:

Good Gravy is Holiday World's first-ever family coaster, which means it's perfect for thrill seekers of all ages. We're talking a 1,500-foot wild ride with a backward section to, you guessed it, make MORE gravy! The best part? You get to climb a seven-story tall spike before launching into the delicious chaos. With a 38-inch height requirement and a max speed of 37 mph, this coaster is guaranteed to get your heart pumpin' without being too intense for the littlest gravy guzzlers.

But wait, there's more!

The reviews are in, and everyone is RAVING about Good Gravy! Here's what some parkgoers had to say:

  • "Super fun! And I loved the queue! So much to look at, and indoor waits are always a plus during the summer." - Amy Stewart
  • "Congratulations to Holiday World! The new addition is fabulous! Thanks for the fans and the seating!! My granddaughter said it was the best ride! Fantastic!" - Jill Kaetzel
  • "It is so awesome we loved it rode 4 times!" - Melissa Hartgraves-Babbs
  • "My kids first coaster & they loved it." - Meagan Mayes

Good Gravy POV Video

I had the amazing opportunity to ride a brand-new roller coaster at Holiday World. We've all been very excited about this new ride that is awesome for the whole family.

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The Verdict?

Good Gravy is a total winner! It's a fun, family-friendly ride with a super cute theme. Whether you're a seasoned coaster pro or a newbie ready for your first launch, Good Gravy is sure to put a smile on your face (and maybe even a little gravy on your shirt ).

Holiday World officially opens on Saturday, May 11, 2024.

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