Iconic artist Jim Shore is all set to make a special appearance at the East Side Marian’s Hallmark in Evansville, Indiana. With a career spanning decades and a distinct artistic style that has captured the hearts of many, this visit is expected to be a momentous occasion for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

PHOTO: jim shore youtube
PHOTO: jim shore youtube

Jim Shore's Work

I have been a huge fan of Jim Shore's art for many years. Specifically, his Mickey Mouse and Disney collections. Some of them are on display year-round, and others we get out for the holidays.

PHOTO: jim shore
PHOTO: jim shore

Meet Jim Shore in Evansville

The visit, scheduled for Sunday, October 22nd, promises an opportunity for admirers to meet the legendary artist in person and obtain his signature on their coveted Jim Shore pieces. To ensure a seamless experience for attendees, Marian’s Hallmark has announced two exclusive ways to secure Jim Shore's signature on their cherished artworks.

Pre-Purchase Items

The first option allows patrons to purchase their selected Jim Shore pieces in-store from the present time leading up to the event. These pre-purchased items will be safely set aside by the store, and Jim Shore himself will sign them on the morning of the event. This not only guarantees a signed piece but also grants the privilege of meeting and conversing with Jim Shore without the necessity of waiting in line for a purchase.

Purchase Art During the Event

For those who prefer to acquire a piece during the event, a second option is available. Visitors can select their desired Jim Shore piece on the day of the event itself, and Mr. Shore will sign it during the scheduled meet-and-greet session, scheduled from 12 PM to 2 PM.

6140 E Lloyd Expy.
Evansville, IN 47715
(812) 426-2849

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