One of my all-time favorite albums is Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill. The 1995 masterpiece is one of the few albums in my collection that I can listen to, from beginning to end, without skipping a track - that's saying something.

It would make sense, then, that one of the best concerts I've ever seen was Alanis on the Jagged Little Pill tour. Imagine a beautiful, warm, summer night at Deer Creek Amphiteatre (known these days as Ruoff Music Center), and a young very much in her prime Alanis Morissette belting out all of her hits. Let me tell you, she sounded better than the CD - it was perfect.

Now, 26 years later, Alanis has announced plans for an upcoming 25th anniversary Jagged Little Pill tour. The tour will feature Alanis performing the entire Jagged Little Pill album, and will also feature Garbage and Liz Phair as opening acts - that's some '90s female rock royalty.

You might be questioning the math right now. Yes, this is a 25th-anniversary tour, but it's actually happening 26 years later. Huh? This anniversary tour was originally supposed to happen in 2019, and now it's being pushed back to this year. The recently announced tour is scheduled to start in Texas in August of 2021 and wrap up in L.A. in early October. Luckily, we will have several chances to see the tour at venues surrounding the Tri-State. The tour will stop in Indianapolis (Noblesville, technically) on 9/10; in Cincinnati on 9/15; in Nashville on 9/17; and in St. Louis on 9/18. Fingers crossed that we can get some tickets to give away.

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I can't pass up this opportunity to share one of my favorite songs from Jagged Little Pill. "Mary Jane" was never released as a single, so it's possible you've never heard it, but it is so frigging good. I hope you enjoy it.

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