I remember my mom telling me about how they were allowed to smoke during breaks at school. That was in the 70's at Princeton Community High School. Crazy to think about how things have changed so much since then!

Now, teens are still trying to smoke, but in different ways. You've heard about Vaping and E-Cigs, but do you know about the Juul? It looks like a USB drive, so you might think it's a school project.

1.This Is What It Looks Like:

It even charges on a laptop or USB port.

It Looks Like A USB. Photo by Liberty
It Looks Like A USB. Photo by Liberty

2. It Contains Nicotine

The nicotine concentration in the Juul can be more than double what other vaping products have.

3.Why Is It Popular Among Teens?

The nicotine juice come in fun flavors like mango, creme brulee or fruit. The device is easily shared between friends. Users say it gives them an unexpected high, from the high nicotine content.

4. Signs Your Teen Is Juuling

Your teen might be thirsty all of the time, could be more sensitive to caffeine, and have nosebleeds.

5. Start The Conversation

Whether you suspect that your child is Juuling or not, you should start the conversation. It's better to give your kids the facts, before they are talked into trying something that they shouldn't.

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