I love looking at old photos of the town I grew up in, and seeing how much it has changed over the years. My friends in the FB Group You Grew Up In Princeton shared these cool pics with me.

This is the Princeton Sanatorium, also known as the old hospital. It was located West State Street. I always thought it was a haunted house!

Old Hospital Photo by Shannon Main-Frayser

This is Greek's Candy Store. Louis Andriaros ran the family business, after his father. This is a quote from Louis:

My candy store was started on August 10th 1906. It has the original cherry woodwork and more than 3,000 square feet or mirrors. My most famous ex customer was Dave Thomas, the person who started Wendy's. He lived 2 blocks away and lived in Princeton Indiana from 1931-1947, then moved to Fort Wayne. He wrote me a letter a few years ago. My father said he used to work at Western Auto, and came in everyday for lunch and ordered a hamburger, chili, and a coke.

Greeks Candy Store Photo by Jeff Minnis

The Van Hotel was a really cool looking building at the corner of Main & State. It was destroyed by a fire in the 1980's. Someone is actually selling an original Van Motel postcard on Amazon!

Van Hotel Fire Photo by Jeff Minnis

The Heinz Factory was listed as a historical building, and was located on South Main Street, near the railroad tracks. A lot of residents, including myself, watched the building get destroyed by fire on December 22, 1993.

Heinz Building Shannon Main Frayser

I thought that this was a really neat picture because of the price of gas! Yes, that says .31 per gallon! This was at the corner of Main & Brumfield.It's no longer a gas station, and the house is no longer there.

Gas Station Photo by Jeff Minnis