We all have foods that we don't like. My list is pretty lengthy, I usually eat really plain food. But, there are a handful of foods that will pretty much make me hurl, if they end up on my plate.

1. Onions

"Oh, they are so good for you", "You won't even taste them". Nope. I can sniff out onions like a drug dog! I love pizza sauce, but I always steer clear of Marinara, because there is a 99% chance of it having onion bits in it. I can't even eat a pizza that has been cut by the same cutter as an onion pizza. I can taste it, and will throw up. I usually even avoid topping on my pizza, because there is a really good chance of a stinky onion ending up in the same container of whatever I order. I don't even buy pre-cut veggies anymore. One time, I bought cut zucchini, and it had clearly clearly contaminated by the onion knife. Gag.

2. Coconut

The very thought of this crunchy fruit (Yes, it's a fruit, I googled it), contaminating something so delicious like chocolate, makes me sick. I was so excited to try this Cinnamon Crunch Quest protein powder. The other flavors are so good. Not this one. I knew I tasted coconut, but Doug & the guy at the store thought I was losing my mind (True, but not this time). Not only does it contain Coconut Oil, but it also contains actual coconut!! Why ruin something that should've tasted like Cinnamon Toast Crunch?!

3. Bacon

Ok, I know you are probably picking yourself off of the floor from this one. But I really do not like bacon. Backstory, my parents were frying bacon when we heard on the radio that John Lennon had been shot. I don't don't if I liked bacon before that, or not, but to this day, that's what I think of when I smell bacon :(

4. Cabbage

Cabbage, and anything related to it, like brussel sprouts are just disgusting! I will also throw in Navy Beans & Cornbread, and another backstory...My Mom used to make these 3 things as a meal, an actual MEAL! I refused to eat any of it, so guess what...I sat at the table until bedtime & had no dinner. I finally swallowed a tiny bite of each with water, and gagged it up. Every time. Clearly, I've been traumatized by food LOL!

5. Sauerkraut

I don't even know what purpose this food serves in the food chain. Is it a veggie? Fruit? I googled it, and now I know why it's disgusting...It's basically pickled Cabbage. Double puke.



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