We asked our MY105.3 listeners to tell us where to find the best french fries in all the land. The comments started pouring in immediately...and we have the results. Who do you think took the top spot?

The truth is, these are actually the top 6 places, according to your votes. We had a couple ties though, so it technically is the top 3.

I understand that it's hard to deny how yummy the fries are at a number of different chain restaurants. Having said that, I was so glad to see two local restaurants make the top 5!

So without any further ado...


#1 (tie) - G.D. Ritzy's

Ritzy's logo copy

There's just something about those shoestring fries! They are always hot and fresh, and they're even better (but not better for you) when hit 'em with some salt and then drown 'em in that cheese sauce!


#1 (tie) - Rally's


We apparently have a lot of Rally's fan that listen to MY105.3. A bunch of votes for Rally's came in right off the bat. I actually where I was the first time I ever tried the fries from Rally's. It was so different from everyone else at the time.

#2 - 5 Guys


I'll be honest, I've only eaten at 5 Guys one time, and that was when the first opened here in Evansville. I do remember it being really yummy, but also being a bit expensive for a burger and fry joint. I can definitely understand why their fries are so popular with our audience.

#3 (tie) - Big Top Drive-In

big top

The fact that a little burger joint on the west side of Evansville made the top five is awesome! It's places like Big Top (and Zesto) that only locals know about, and the rest of the world are missing out on. Do yourself a favor and stop by for a burger and some of those yummy fries.

#3 (tie) - Penn Station East Coast Subs

Penn station logo

This one was actually number one on my list. The fresh cut fries cooked in peanut oil are virtually identical to the fries at 5 Guys. You know they are always fresh and made to order. These are some of the very few fries that I could eat by themselves.

#3 (tie) - McDonald's

mcdonalds logo

The classic. It's hard to imagine a world without McDonald's french fries. When those fries are right (fresh, hot and salted) they are hard to beat. I think, for me, it's more than just the taste. i think there's something a bit nostalgic about the Golden Arches.

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