College basketball season is here! The Purple Aces return to the Ford Center for another exciting season in the Missouri Valley Conference! Here is their schedule for this season.

The highlight of the season has to be the December 20th trip to Durham, North Carolina where the Purple Aces face the perennial contender Duke Blue Devils!

11/10/17vs. Arkansas StateFord Center, Evansville7pm
11/13/17vs. North Carolina CentralFord Center, Evansville11am
11/16/17vs. Southeast Missouri StateFord Center, Evansville7pm
11/18/17vs. BinghamtonFord Center, Evansville3pm
11/21/17Fresno State (Cancun Challenge)Cancun, Mexico7:30pm
11/22/17George Mason or Louisiana Tech (Cancun Challenge)Cancun, Mexico5pm or 7:30pm
11/29/17at New MexicoAlbuquerque, NM8pm
12/2/17vs. Oakland CityFord Center, Evansville1pm
12/5/17at Bowling GreenBowling Green, OH6pm
12/9/17vs. CanisiusFord Center, Evansville1pm
12/16/17vs. Austin PeayFord Center, Evansville3pm
12/17/17vs. MidwayFord Center, Evansville3pm
12/20/17at DukeDurham, NC6pm
12/23/17vs. Illinois StateFord Center, Evansville1pm
12/30/17at LoyalaChicago, IL3pm
1/3/18at Southern IllinoisCarbondale, IL7pm
1/6/18vs. BradleyFord Center, Evansville3pm
1/10/18vs. Missouri StateFord Center, Evansville7pm
1/13/18at DrakeDes Moines, IA2pm
1/17/18vs. Indiana StateFord Center, Evansville7pm
1/20/18at BradleyPeoria, IL7pm
1/24/18at ValparaisoValparaiso, IN7pm
1/27/18vs. DrakeFord Center, Evansville1pm
1/31/18vs. UNIFord Center, Evansville7pm
2/3/18at Illinois StateNormal, IL3pm
2/7/18vs. ValparaisoFord Center, Evansville7pm
2/10/18at Missouri StateSpringfield, MO2pm
2/13/18at UNICedar Fall, IA7pm
2/18/18vs. LoyolaFord Center, Evansville3pm
2/21/18at Indiana StateTerre Haute, IN6pm
2/24/18vs. Southern IllinoisFord Center, Evansville1pm
3/1-4/18MVC TournamentSt. Louis, MOTBD

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