It's great to see stories of kindness on FB, especially when the story happens in our area! I came across this on the Newburgh Zaxby's FB page, and I had to share it with you! If you are the "Pay It Forward" guest, or if you know her, call )812) 490-1199, and speak with the Area Manager, Jeremy Moorehead , so Noah can say Thank You!

Meet Noah.... He is part of our kitchen staff. A few days ago, Noah was leaving after his shift and he opened the door for a customer and shared a few words with her. While she was talking to Noah she noticed that Noah was wearing shoes that had "seen better days." She finished her meal, and left. But in a little while she returned with a gift card for Noah to go and get himself a new pair of work shoes. She left the card with a manager so Noah did not get the chance to say.... Thank you. If you are the person who "paid it forward", Noah would like you to stop back in so that he can say Thank You in person. If you decide to remain anonymous, then accept his (and our) thank you here.

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Moorehead, Area Manager of Zaxby's
Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Moorehead, Area Manager of Zaxby'sI

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