Dreams are something that I am very fascinated by.  So many different things happen in a dream and you often have to wonder why you dreamed what you did.  People have been trying to figure out the significance of dreams for God only knows how long.  Turns out, that dreams may be a tool to determine or figure out what is going to happen in the future.  A fair warning, this is kind of trippy.

A study was conducted recently at Furman University to test the Episodic Future Simulation Hypothesis.  This hypothesis suggests that your brain takes your everyday thoughts and combines them with small pieces from your memory to create dreams that may, in fact, help predict future events.  Now, I would not say you are predicting a whole lot of major events.  From what I am gathering and understanding dreams more or less help you as you make decisions in the future.

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The study took 48 different people and had them spend one night in a lab to be analyzed.  When the night was over participants were asked to make connections between the dream had and real memories.  Turns out that just over 25 percent of the dream recorded had something to do with a pending future event.  A third of those dreams in turn had a certain connection to someone’s past.

"This is a new description of how dreams draw simultaneously from multiple waking-life sources, utilizing fragments of past experience to construct novel scenarios anticipating future events,” said Erin Wamsley, the researcher behind the study.

It is very fascinating to think that your dreams may be a helpful tool when it comes to determining your future.  Or just a good way to help you make better decisions. Either way, it is a bit trippy.

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