Space!  The final frontier.  Or at least your next vacation destination.  No joke, within the next few years you could be orbiting above the Earth in the first ever space hotel.

I feel like the subject of outer space has come up a lot lately.  Maybe it's because people are seeing UFO's.  It could be because NASA just put another rover on Mars,  Or because every time we turn around Elon Musk has a fancy new toy he is going to send up there. Whatever the case may be I feel like we are in the beginning scene of a Sci-Fi movie.  Even more so now because a company called Orbital Assembly is planning to open a fully functional hotel in the lower orbit of the Earth.

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As soon as the year 2027  you and your family could be having coffee and breakfast as you look into the deep void of space.  Correct if I'm wrong but isn't that only six years away?  Construction of Voyager Station is set to start in 2025.  Again, not a whole lot of time between now and then.

So, what does a space vacation look like?  Well, not too much different than your average cruise apparently.  The amnesties for you to enjoy (if you can afford to go on this vacation) are pretty cool.  Guest on the Voyager Station will be able to enjoy different restaurants, a health spa, gyms, bars, movie theaters, and a ton more.  Look, you had me at taking a vacation in space no need for all that earthly stuff.

A couple other quick points about the Voyager Station; one being the shape of this thing.  Picture a giant sci-fi looking Ferris wheel orbiting the Earth.  The second thing you probably want to know is how much does a space vacation cost?  For a three night stay it will cost guests $5million dollars.  Darn.  I thought a futuristic vacation would be way cheaper...

If you forget the price tag and all the pageantries of staying on the Voyager Station, and just think of what a huge accomplishment this would be for humans, it's pretty freaking cool.  Maybe someday down the road Joe Schmoes like you and me could actually see outer space.  Better start saving now I guess.

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