I don’t think that it is too far-fetched to say that we live in some very strange times.  Every day really is a new adventure because you have no idea what you might come across.  Today, of course, is no exception.  Especially since there is a new way for you to make decisions.  Or Rather have someone do it for you.

We live in the age of convenience.  We have hours of entertainment at our fingertips.  We can have groceries and takeout food delivered right to our front doors.  If we have a need, we can fill it pretty fast.  One thing I never thought that we would want to outsource though is making our own decisions.  Granted, I know that it is more than okay to ask for someone’s opinion.   But allowing someone else to make all of your decisions for you is crazy!

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The reason I am bringing this up is that there is an app called NewNew that will let other people pay to make decisions for you.  Yeah, you read that right.  People can pay to make decisions for you!  Basically, the main purpose of the app is to post certain decisions you are trying to make.  Like what should I order for dinner tonight?  Then people can pay a certain amount to vote on what you should get.  You can think of people paying for your decision as an investment in your life.  Sounds so weird, right?  That’s because it is.

What else is kind of messed up is the fact that people will pay you to vote on your decision.  Then you have to share some of those profits with NewNew.  Am I crazy in thinking that this whole idea is bonkers?  You are asking complete strangers to pay you to make a decision FOR you.  I get asking for advice but asking for money in the process is so weird to me.

Seeing things like this just reinforces my opinion on the state of social media and our constant connection to one another.  There are times where other people’s opinions don’t matter.  Especially, when they have to pay you for the pleasure.  I’ll say it again; we live in STRANGE times.

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