Last year, my husband, Doug, had minor surgery to remove Basel Cell Skin Cancer from his face. We assumed that it was all removed, and his face has completely healed. You can barely tell that anything was cut open, but there is a little scar.

About a month post surgery. Photo by Doug DeWig
About a month post surgery. Photo by Doug DeWig

The doctor's office called last week with his results. I was like, results? I thought they cut it all out! Apparently, they didn't go deep enough into the layers of skin, and there is more that needs cut out. Doug's first reaction was, "I'll just wait, it's probably not going to kill me" Sure, let's wait for your face to fall off. Geeze. So, he does have another surgery scheduled for Tuesday (The same day that This Is Us comes back) So, I will be an emotional wreck...Yes, more than usual. And the answer to the tanning question is the same. Yes, he is still tanning. In fact, he thinks that tanning helped his scar heal faster.
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My husband, Doug and I love being in the sun. I remember laying out for hours at a time, to get a good "Base Burn". After a few painful days of peeling, I would kind of have a tan. I even used tanning beds as a pre-teen! The laws are different now, and you have to be 18, but back then it really wasn't an issue.


Doug has also been tanning for over 20 years, except he actually gets tan. People always think he just came back from a tropical vacation, because his tan is so good. He maintains it in a tanning bed.

With my pale skin and numerous burns throughout the years, you would think that I would get some kind of skin cancer. Thankfully, I don't, but Doug does. A little spot about the size of a pimple, that wouldn't heal turned out to be Basal Cell Skin Cancer. He had the cancer removed last week. It's healing, but he will definitely have a scar.


After hearing this, my first question of course was, "So, you aren't going to tan anymore, right"? The answer was not what you would expect from someone who just had their face cut open..."Maybe I'll cut back to 4 or 5 days, instead of 7". Are you kidding me?! He feels like, since it is the most common & curable cancer, that it's not that big of a deal. And tanning is addictive. UV light helps to release feel good chemicals, that can put you in a better mood. It's also very relaxing. Getting a "Safe" spray tan does not produce the same feeling.

And I guess I'm a bit of a hypocrite, because I still use a tanning bed - But, I don't have skin cancer, and it doesn't really mean that I ever will. Yes, skin cancer is scary, but it's not always enough to make someone change their ways.


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