Mrs. Ricketts had prayed and wished that she could afford the treatments for her dog who was experiencing seizures.  But, she didn't have the money nor could she find the resources to help her keep her beloved pet, Kensey. 

So, Mrs. Ricketts took her dog to the Evansville Animal Care & Control.

When she arrived there, Officer Paul Jacobs from the Evansville Police Department happened to be there and heard her story about planning to put her dog down because of lack of funds for her dog's treatments.  Officer Jacobs, being a lover of pets, offered to help pay for Kensey's treatments at the veterinarian!

So, Mrs. Ricketts prayers and wishes of keeping Kensey came true due to the outpouring love and kindness from Police Officer Paul Jacobs. Not only does Mrs. Rickets and the Evansville Animal Care & Control thank you , but, I can tell you everyone here at Townsquare Media wants to say THANK YOU for your thoughtfulness, caring, and generosity, Officer Jacobs! We're all very happy Mrs. Ricketts can keep her beloved pet, Kensey!

Evansville Animal Care & Control - Facebook
Evansville Animal Care & Control - Facebook

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