COVID-19 tried to stop the scariest haunted houses in the Tri-State, but the night walkers said, 'Hold my mask'. Actually, you will need your mask to enter the Olde Courthouse Catacombs and the House of Lecter.

Yes, the Tri-State's scariest haunted houses are open this season. In years past, they have a theme that goes along with a scary movie or a popular pop culture reference. With that in mind, can you guess what this year's theme is? MASKS!

The night walkers and ghostly spirits will all be wearing masks. I can only imagine how much scarier this will make them. After all, we all look pretty terrifying in them. All of the staff will be wearing masks, too, and following the CDC guidelines. Of course, if you have a fever or are not feeling well, you should stay home.

  • Masks Required
  • Groups of 10 or less
  • Each group 6 feet apart
  • Hand sanitizers available
  • Team members will have their temperature taken daily

We are giving away combo passes every day at 7:00 A.M. with 'The Most Totally Awesome Radio Contest' on The MY Morning Show with Bobby...Caller #5 will have the chance to play 'Spooky Sound'. We'll play a secret sound and you just identify what it is!
The Combo Pass allows you to go through both haunted houses as many times as you can handle on the night of your visit. *The passes you win will be available for use the next day they are open. 

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