This has been a pretty amazing season for Holiday World & Splashin' Safari - beautiful weather and thousands of people from all over the place enjoying some of the best rides in the world. Here at MY105.3, we gave listeners the chance to be a part of the first-ever Great Cheetah Chase Race, and we gave away hundreds of tickets over the summer - and we're not done yet.

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We have a bunch more tickets to give away this Fall, as well as one very special pair of tickets to give away. Right now you have the chance to win a pair of 2022 season passes to Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. In order to win, you need to play a game we call "Holiday Whirled."

How to Play 'Holiday Whirled'

Think of this game as a Holiday World-inspired version of Jumble. You remember Jumble, right? Each day we will scramble up the name of one of the amazing rides at Holiday World or Splashin' Safari. It's up to you to un-jumble the letters and give us the correct answer. The more answers you get right, the more entries you get into the contest. Here's an example...

  • Answer = HOLIDAY WORLD

Keep coming back to this article to see a new clue each day. Pro tip: keep scrolling if you need a little help with a clue - to see a gallery of all those rides - the gallery below includes all of the answers you need.

On October 14th we will randomly select one entry for all correct answers, and that person will win two season passes for the next season at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari.

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