There are so many things to love about Holiday World & Splashin' Safari including the free drinks, free sunscreen, and free parking - plus the yummy food and great live entertainment. As awesome as those things are, they take a back seat to the real star of the show - the rides, slides, and coasters. And in 2024 Holiday World hope you and your family fall in love with their newest ride - GOOD GRAVY!

Holiday World’s first family roller coaster, is a 1,500-foot wild ride to save Thanksgiving dinner! You’ll travel forward up a seven-stories-tall spike then backward to make more gravy and save Thanksgiving dinner. With a 38-inch minimum height and a max speed of 37 mph, this ride is sure to excite the whole family.

We are excited to announce that we are giving away a bunch of tickets to Holiday World & Splashin' Safari throughout the summer, and we want to make sure you have the best chance to win. Make sure you're listening to the MY Morning Show each day around 7am - that's when we play The Most Totally Awesome Radio Contest, and that's when will give away a pair of Holiday World tickets.

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The first game we're playing is called "What's in Grandma Gracy's Kitchen?" You see, on your way to ride Good Gravy, you'll take a trip through Grandma Gracy's house. In the house, and on the ride, you'll notice all of the things necessary to make a delicious Thanksgiving meal. We're gonna test your knowledge of some of those things. Listen for your cue to be caller #5 to 812-421-1117, and make sure you have the MY105.3 app for more reminders about when it's time to call and win!

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Gallery Credit: Bobby G.

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